• Testimonials:-

“We were fortunate to have John Van Dyk design and supervise extensions to the Diamond Creek Veterinary Hospital. The works included a new operating room, treatment and preparation areas, radiology facilities and kennels. Thanks to John, we had an excellent facility, completed on time and on budget. Thank you again John ! “ Dr. Robert Hilton BVSc(Hons) MACVSc (Canine Medicine) CertVD ,Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Certificate Holder in Veterinary Dermatology , PO Box 42 Yarrambat 3091- Vic. Australia”

“I first met John Van Dyk in 2002 when John and his wife Diny joined the Yarrambat CFA fire brigade as volunteers.
At that time, Diny was running an award winning bed and breakfast establishment which John had extensively redesigned with ultra modern units and a kitchen which was the envy of all who were fortunate enough to spend some time there.
In 2006, I finally kept a 20 year promise to my wife June for a kitchen renovation that she could be proud of.
Having seen the quality of John’s design and finished kitchen at the bed & breakfast, he was the automatic choice of architect for the job.
We had always realized that any major modification to the kitchen would be a difficult undertaking due to the layout of our mud brick house and John was therefore given the additional brief to:
1. Improve the living aspects of the house by incorporating a seldom used verandah into the design.
2. Bring as much light into the living space as possible.
3. Increase ceiling heights where possible.
From the very first sketch of John’s concept for the changes to the house, we knew that something special was about to be created.
We were most impressed with John’s quiet determination to make sure that all of June’s requirements were met and that it would be “her kitchen” and not something imposed by the architect. At every stage of the design work, we were consulted – even to the extent of stocktaking the existing and future kitchen pots & pans to ensure that all the cupboards and drawers were of the right dimensions.
We have now been in our wonderfully transformed house for nearly sixteen months and we still count our blessings that we were so fortunate to have met John and to have had him design and supervise the construction of our dream.
I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone contemplating any building project that requires innovative design and conscientious protection of the client’s interests.”
James Joseph O’Sullivan, 541 Broad Gully Road, Diamond Creek, VIC 3089 .

“ We are very pleased with the final result – the house looks and feels great. The build was a fun ride”
Andrew J, Beaumaris , September, 2011”

“We had a very complex and difficult site, however it was close to my work. We commissioned John to come up with a design with a large inner courtyard, as we do a lot of entertaining with our extended family. What we got was a building where all the living areas were wrapped around the courtyard with curved walls which created a lovely flow throughout the house. We worked closely with John during the construction period, it was intense but the journey was exciting and the end result was everything we could have wished for. People who go past our house still stop in their tracks to look at it.
We were assisted right through with colour selection and garden planning and even now 2 years after completion I can ring up anytime and get assistance with any queries I may have. Andy K, August 2011”