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Feasibilities – Pre Purchase

You are thinking about making an offer on a house that may require a renovation/extension or repairs before it meets your needs, will it be possible under the regulations and will be possible under your budget?.
It is a major investment for you and what you want from your investment is value, improvement to your life style, and the knowledge that your investment in good design will grow and continues to grow.
Before making an offer on a development site, for residential or commercial purposes, you want to know what is possible under the regulations, e.g. zoning, site coverage, Council’s neighbourhood character requirements, which will determine the type of development you can contemplate.
To help you make that all important decision on what to do, what is possible, and above all you want to know that what you wish for will be affordable before you commit yourself to a purchase -

We Offer You a 2.5 hour consultation, with one of our principals
For $660, incl. GST

                            This session will include:-
                            • On site consultation-
                            • Taking your brief and analysing your requirements-
                            • Preferred budget-
                            • Scope of works and broadly the type of style you would envisage-
                            • Advise you what is possible according to Council requirements.

Our architect will during the consultation draw up a rough concept design sketch. In addition we give you a rough budget outline for the construction as well of the costs associated with a Town Planning Permit if that is required.

Following the consultation we will confirm our feasibility, provide you with an assessment whether the house or development site is suitable for your requirements, formalize the rough concept drawing and an analysis of your budget and cost estimate.

What this means for you is that for $660.00 you can have a professionally prepared feasibility/pre purchase analysis by an experienced architect, which will enable you to determine whether your project is feasible, both from planning and budget considerations.
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